Synthetic Oil – Frequently Asked Questions

Synthetic Oil – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so good about synthetic engine oils?

How should I dispose of used synthetic engine oil?

The same environmentally sound procedures should be followed as for conventional
engine oils. Please contact your local Environment Agency or regulatory body for
more detailed guidelines on disposal.

What’s the difference between a fully synthetic and a semi-synthetic engine oil?

Why use Mobil 1 and not another synthetic?

Can different synthetic engine oils be mixed together?

Is Mobil 1 suited to ‘stop-start’ driving?

In tests, it’s been proved that Mobil 1 still flows freely at temperatures as low
as minus 40°C and it can reach all moving parts of the engine 10 seconds faster
than some conventional oils at start-up. That means Mobil 1 starts protecting the
engine straight away, saving it from a great deal of punishment, and saving you
money on fuel and maintenance costs. And, of course, it also means more reliable
starting, even on the coldest mornings.

Is Mobil 1 suitable for long haul motorway driving?

Is Mobil 1 right for performance driving?

Does Mobil 1 offer value for money?

But can you justify paying the extra?