Mobil Car Engine Oils

Mobil Car Engine Oils

ExxonMobil offers a comprehensive range of automotive car engine oils including
automotive passenger vehicle engine oils, synthetic oils, such as Mobil 1, as well
as semi-synthetic and mineral oils. These manufacturer-approved engine lubricants
rely on innovative technology to provide outstanding lubrication to engines.
Mobil 1
is designed to offer optimised engine efficiency, reduced wear and
low fuel consumption.

As a authorised distributor of Mobil engine oils, Elyosr Co. is pleased to offer our customers
not only the market leading range of Mobil 1 synthetic engine oils for sale but
the Mobil Super family of premium quality motor oils and other engine oils for everyday
driving. For more details, please visit the ExxonMobil Product Data Sheet library.

In addition to engine oils, we also stock a full range of other Mobil automotive
lubricants and car care products to help ensure reliable motoring of our customers.

  • Mobil automotive transmission fluids
  • Mobil automotive gear oils
  • Mobil motorcycle oils

As a supplier to car related businesses ranging from franchised car dealerships
to smaller independent workshops, we can offer a variety of Point of Sale material.
We also supply lube shops and….

Discover the Mobil 1 Difference

For the past 36 years, each formulation Mobil 1 has continually raised the bar for
innovation and performance to become the world’s leading synthetic engine oil brand.
Building itself a high reputation among millions of drivers in the lubricant industry,
the power of Mobil 1 technology gives you the most advanced engine protection.

  1. Helps keep your engine performing like new The Mobil 1 range minimize the wear on
    piston rings and cylinder bores to help keep engines performing like new for a long
    periods of time
  2. Extreme cold temperature performance Mobil 1 offers excellent performance in extreme
    cold conditions, ensuring that oils flows throughout the engine especially during
    the first few critical seconds.
  3. Exceptional cleaning power for dirty engines Mobil 1 lubricants are designed to
    keep engines clean and protect them from wear and deposit formation, even under
    high temperature stressful driving conditions (start-stop city driving).
  4. Recommended by name by more OEMs than any other brand in the world. Today we can
    claim that Mobil 1 is chosen by more OEMs than any other brand in the world.